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What is included?

Besides access to the park, the package includes the following:

Tree Selection

We can grow trees that are indigenous to our area. We are in zone 5b. You can view a suggested list throughout the website. We will guarantee your tree for it’s projected lifetime. If a preplacement tree is ever needed, it will be planted at no cost to you or your family. Your tree will be nourished with our on site fresh water springs. 

Memorial Engraving

Choose from our list of trees and select the perfect one to honor your loved one. We will engrave a memorial stone with their picture in front of the tree, creating a lasting tribute.

Living Memory 

Living QR Tags are included with your purchase. Your family will scan the QR qode on the stone and a webpage will appear with your loved ones photos, audio or video. You decide the content and we will provide the technology. 

The secret of success

We are a family run business that has your families best interest at heart. We have had our own personal experiences with the loss of loved ones and dealing with grief. We have found comfort in growing trees in their memory and we would like to share that experience with anyone that needs to heal.

On this Memorial Day, we have decided to to start a Veterans area in our park. Our IT company has donated the funds for this first plaque, recognizing Veteran Suicide. It will be placed in front of a nice flag pole and flag. Future plans include planting an oak tree and plaque for each branch of service that will be in a semi circle behind this display. Please remember why we are today. Thank you to ALL of our service men and women

Our awesome clients

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Planting a tree in memory of my father was the best decision I made. It brings me so much peace and I love visiting the tree in the memorial park.
Katie D.
The service provided by Family Roots Memorial Tree Park was exceptional. They took care of everything and made the process easy for me.
Austin C.
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